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Moakt is a website where users can create an email id which can be used for temporary purpose. The website is good for the users who want to create an email for limited time period. The users can use this email for making a temporary account on social media or for registering on any website that doesn’t look secure. The email address can also be used for one time verification on websites. Moakt is thus the best choice to do all these things. The website has an easy interface which lets the users use it comfortably without any problem.

The website lets the users to create a custom email id which they can create simply entering the preferred one in the given box. If user doesn’t want to create a custom mail, then they can simply click on the tab get random address, with this click a random email id will get allotted to the user. The users can refresh the inbox by using the refresh button provided on the page. Moakt has provided a time period of 1 hour for the validity of mail box. However, there is an option to extend the time if users want to keep the inbox for a longer period. It has a copy button on the page with which users can copy the email address easily and can use it wherever they need. Overall, the Moakt site is good site for temporary email ids as it also lets the user to extend the time.


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SharkLasers is a website where users can create an email id which can be used for the temporary purpose. The mail would not last long as the purpose of this website to provide the temporary mails to the users which they can use for one time purpose specially. The temporary mail is useful when users want to register on some sites but they don’t have trust on such sites. They can provide this created temporary mail id and register on such sites. Even if users want to create a temporary account on any platform the mail id would be helpful.

SharkLasers helps the users to keep their original mail id safe from spams. The users can get a random email id here when open the website. The email id would be a combination of numbers and letters so that no one can easily remember that. The website also offers the users to create the custom email id. The email service also lets the users to add an alias address to the email id which will protect the users email id from getting easily guessed by someone. The SharkLasers email service gives a validity of 1 hour for messages, after which the messages of the inbox gets deleted automatically. The site doesn’t offer private email. Anyone can open the inbox if know the address. The SharkLasers is a good site to make temporary mails but can be used one time only. Also it lets the users to reply mails.


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TempM is a great way to keep the original email id safe from the spam emails. Whenever user visits any new website they often ask to signup their newsletter or to login using email id to comment on their posts. In such cases, users always hesitate to provide original email id there. The TempM helps in such cases. Users can here create a temporary email id which would be really useful in these situations. This temporary email id will get disposed off after its validity. TempM provides 111 days validity of emails. So if users want to keep the mails for long, they may use this temporary mail service.

Users can get their email id as soon as they open the website. They can create a custom email Id by typing the preferred one in the given box. The website also allows users to choose a preferred domain name. There would be no need to refresh the page again and again. The users can receive the mails in this email inbox but they wouldn’t be able to send the emails. TempM email id doesn’t have any option to send mails. Copying the email id is easy as the website gives you a copy button on the page itself. The website has another drawback that it does not provide privacy to the users. All the inboxes are public here which means anyone can access them on the website. 


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Maildrop is a platform to get temporary mails in one click. The email service lets the users to create a temporary email id with which they can do a lot. The email service doesn’t ask for any type of signup, so users would not need to register on it. The Maildrop email service is useful to save the original email id from getting flooded with the spams. The users can create a temporary mail id and use them anywhere where email has been asked. The users can signup on ecommerce site where one time purchase is to be made or can use the email id for any type of one time verification.


Maildrop is an easy to use website. The interface of the website is simple and understandable. Users get a box where they can type custom email address and go to the inbox. The users can receive messages but cannot send on this website. It doesn’t allow sending mails or email forwarding which is a drawback. The inbox can hold up to 10 messages. Also, if the inbox doesn’t receive mail in 24 hour, the inbox will get cleared automatically. The users cannot keep this temporary mail for long term. The temporary mail service also blocks spam mails. It has several filter with which it checks the incoming mails and block them if founds to be a spam.

Maildrop overall is a good site but only for short term. The site doesn’t keep the inbox private, anyone can access it.

Temporary E-Mail-

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Temporary E-Mail is a website where users can get an email id which can be used temporarily. The email id will be useful for creating temporary accounts on social media. Users can also use this email ids to comment on the sites where they don’t want to provide original email id. The Temporary E-Mail provides such an email id which is useful in all these situations. Even when the users want to verify themselves on some site they may use it for one time purpose.

The website gives the facility to use the services without sharing original email ids. They can thus keep their email id safe from spam mails. The unwanted mails and spam mails will come in the temporary id only. The website gives a validity of 3 days for these mails that means after 3 days the mails will get deleted automatically. Users get random email id on this website. Like other competitors it doesn’t provide custom email option to the users. Also here users can not choose the domain they prefer. The website has a button on the homepage naming go to your inbox, with this button users can get a random email id and the inbox page would get opened. The website also doesn’t provide facility to send mails, that means users can receive the incoming mails here, they wouldn’t be able to send or forward mail. The website is good to the users only if used for registering purpose and doesn’t want to send mails. 


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Tempail is a website where users can create a temporary email id. The users can use this website for different purposes. When they want to comment on ay site they don’t trust much, or want to register in any such site, Tempail can be used. Even the website is useful when users want to create temporary social media accounts. The website would receive all such marketing and verification mails and will show you in the inbox. This email id would be temporary and can be disposed off after 1 hour. 

The Tempail website provides a random email address to the users. The website updates the inbox in every 10 seconds so that users would not miss any incoming emails. The users can refresh the inbox by clicking on the refresh tab placed on the right side bar. The users can also use the QR code tab to scan the code and access the inbox later. The mails are kept private and would not be open to public. Hence, special care has been taken to keep the privacy of the users. users can copy the mail id easily using the first copy tab given on the side bar. The users can also delete the the inbox whenever they want or otherwise the website would automatically dispose the mails after 1 hour. Tempail is a great site and has an easy interface providing ease of use to the users. This website can be used on the web browser of computers and mobiles easily.

Temp Mail address-

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Temp Mail address is a website that is useful when making temporary accounts or want to keep the mails safe from spam. The website is a great way to create temporary mails what we call disposable mails. These mails doesn’t lasts forever and it get deleted after a certain time. Temp Mail Address provides the validity of mails for up to 60 minutes, that means after 60 minutes the email id will get disposed off automatically. After this users wouldn’t be able to recover the id. This is also a disadvantage if someone wants to keep mails for little longer time. However, the feature protects the privacy and anonymity of the users.

Temp Mail address allows the users to create the email ids in one go. Users would get the email id once they open the website. The id would be randomly provided. Users can edit the email id if they want to use the custom email id. Users can use this email id when they want to keep their original id safe from spams. Also if they want to register or verify on some website for temporary purpose, this website would be useful. The users can easily copy the id by just clicking on the copy button given on the screen and use it anywhere they want to. The user interface of the website is easy to use and simple. The website is of great use if user wants to create email ids for few minutes.

20Minute Mail-

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20 Minute Mail is a website that can help users to get a temporary email id for a short term. The facility can be used in many ways. Users just have to create the id here and they will be able to keep their original id safe from the spams and unwanted emails. The website lets the users to create the preferred email id. This service lets you keep a email upto 20 minutes which means the email id would be valid upto 20 minutes only.  After this time it would get disposed off automatically.

The website keeps the anonymity of the users and the information of the users will be kept secured. The users can choose the random email id provided by the site or they may create a custom email id to use. On creating a mail id users will get the inbox page where they can check the mails received. The email id is recoverable on this website. Hence if the users wants to keep the mails for long they can click on the recover key tab given on the inbox page. The website would ask you 3 options to recover the mail- 1 day, 1 week ad 1 month. The users would have to choose the time period they want to keep the mails valid. This will generate a recovery key which users can use when want to recover the mails they have received om the temporary mail. 



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Mailsac is a website where users are allowed to create a disposable email id. The website makes it easy for users to comment on any website or create account on any platform temporarily. The Mailsac website instantly lets the users to get a new temporary email id which they can use for the aforementioned purposes and even for more. The users can create the id by clicking on the given box on the homepage of the website. Users would have to just fill the username and the address would already appear in the next tab. Clicking on the check inbox a page would appear where inbox of that id will be present. Users would be able to check if that id is already in use or is new. Even if the id was used earlier users would be able to make it their private id using the button above the inbox. 

The users would also get another button just above the inbox whixh would allow the users to login to compose the email. The only drawback of this website is that the inboxes would be public and anyone can access them. However, this can also be solved by creating an account in the website and making the id private. The email ids would get expired within the weeks but if users want to use for the long term, logging in the website would help them to keep the ids for long. The mailsac website also lets the users to register and create emails for their own domains.

Fake Email-

Fake email is a website which is a service provider for temporary emails. These emails are useful when users don’t feel safe to share their email ids on each and every site. In such cases, the users may share Fake emails to keep their original email id safe from spam. The website allows users to create a mail id that would last temporarily. Unlike other websites providing the same services, it doesn’t delete the mail in 24 hours or within seven days. Instead, the website gives users a validity of mail of 256 days. Thus, the website is useful if the users intend to keep the email for long duration.

The Fake mail website lets the users create the email id instantly. Users would automatically get an email id once they open the site. The email address would be random. However, if users want to create their preferred email id they can type the username they want to keep. Also the site gives an option to choose the preferred domain, which can be set by clicking on the drop down arrow. Once, the users receive new email, it will get pop up automatically in the browser. The website take cares of the users’ privacy and thus, it does not publicize the mail box of users.

Fake mail website is a nice option to keep the original email safe from unwanted mails. Users can also use it for verification or temporary accounts.