10 Minute Mail’s website is quite clean and snappy. 10 Minute Mail is one of the quickest methods to use to give a temporary email to demanding sites. That way you can prevent from revealing your real email and pass on the 10 Minute Mail one. The website runs a countdown for 10 minutes, and that’s exactly how much you get to use the email address. You can copy the email address using the dedicated button. There’s also a green bar that shows the number of messages you received on that particular address.

Are you tired of the spam flooding your inbox? The best way to curb spam is to avoid giving away your email like it’s a candy. So how would you register or go past the signup screen? The answer is 10 Minute Mail. As the name suggests, you get a temporary email address for precisely 10 minutes. It is a secure throwaway email service that acts as a blessing to save you from spam and other fishy websites.

When you receive a message, you can click on it to reveal it’s content. You get two action buttons to decide your next course of action. So you can decide whether you wish to respond by hitting the Reply button. Or you can hit on the Forward button to send it to a different email address. When you hit reply, you get a simple text box where you can type as much as you like or paste text and hit the Reply button to send your response. The reply is sent at a blazing fast speed!

Once the countdown ends, the page freezes and you will have to refresh it to generate a new email. However, if you want to continue using the same temporary email for a longer time, then you need to hit the Refresh button to the right of the countdown. That will reset the counter and you get 10 more minutes. 10 Minute Mail uses a temporary cookie to deliver your email and it gets removed as soon as you close the tab. 10 Minute Mail doesn’t keep any logs or records of your personal data and conversations. This is a fantastic way to easily signup, register and activate any service or site that haggles and demands an email.

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