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Drop Mail Temporary mail service is a great option for users to create temporary mails and keep their original id safe. The email service allows users to create unlimited email ids at a time. They can add as many they want to. The temporary mail service provides the unlimited validity of emails as well. Users can access these emails as long as the page is open in their browsers. The email ids created on this temporary mail service would be unlimited only if the page is not refreshes or closed.

Drop Mail service allows users to forward the emails to the original email Id they have. The email service thus helps them to keep the important messages safe by forwarding them to other email id. The mail service also allows users to send the attachments to other email ids. The service can be very useful for the users who want to register themselves on untrusted websites or want to comments in a forum. The website randomly finds an email id and allots it to users. To create another email, an option has been provided on the website. The users can also click on the restore access option to get their email id back.

Drop Mail service is a useful website specially to keep the original email id safe from the spam mails. The interface is also easy, so users would not get any problem in accessing this site.

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