Email Generator-

Email Generator is a website providing Temporary email services. The website lets the users to create the emails within seconds that can used for temporary purposes. The website is useful when users do not want to share their original email id on untrusted websites or for creating temporary accounts. At the time of one time verification, the service of this website is quite useful. Here users can create the email id as per their preference or may opt for the random email. The website also allows users to choose the domain they want to use for their email id. This option can be found by clicking the drop down on the email id field.

The website also allows the users to add their own domain for the email ids they want to create. This way, users would be able to use the email ids for the long purpose. The Email Generator website has a simple user interface which makes it easy to use this website. The copy button is also located on the right side of the email id, which lets the users to copy the id and use it for the verification or account creation, whichever they prefer.

Sound notifications can also be turned on when the users want to get notified. The website also have a feature of pop up notification which will open a pop up for the notifications. The users can refresh the mails using the refresh button and the website provides a validity of 54 days.

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