Email on deck is a website which helps in getting the disposable email id. This email id can be disposed of after its one or two use. This website is easy to use. The interface of this website is too simple and anyone would be able to use it without any problem. The website gives you the service of disposable email ids. Here to create an email id is not a hassle. Users would just need to check the captcha box to prove that you are a human and not a robot. After checking the given box, user would be able to click on the button of get email. With this option site would provide the user a random disposable email id. 

The company allows you to retain the email id as long as you keep your browser open. This means, once you close the browser or the tab of the website, your email would get disposed automatically. your browser will lose the cookies and cache of the inbox and you would not be able to get it back. However, the Email on Deck has an option of recovering the email on the site itself. Although, it is not that easy. Users would be able to recover the email id only if they have the valid email token. With this email token, recovering the email is possible.

Email on Deck is a great website as the service is usable when users need to verify or comment on any site. This secures the privacy of the users.

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