Fake Email- emailfake.com

Fake email is a website which is a service provider for temporary emails. These emails are useful when users don’t feel safe to share their email ids on each and every site. In such cases, the users may share Fake emails to keep their original email id safe from spam. The website allows users to create a mail id that would last temporarily. Unlike other websites providing the same services, it doesn’t delete the mail in 24 hours or within seven days. Instead, the website gives users a validity of mail of 256 days. Thus, the website is useful if the users intend to keep the email for long duration.

The Fake mail website lets the users create the email id instantly. Users would automatically get an email id once they open the site. The email address would be random. However, if users want to create their preferred email id they can type the username they want to keep. Also the site gives an option to choose the preferred domain, which can be set by clicking on the drop down arrow. Once, the users receive┬ánew email, it will get pop up automatically in the browser. The website take cares of the users’ privacy and thus, it does not publicize the mail box of users.

Fake mail website is a nice option to keep the original email safe from unwanted mails. Users can also use it for verification or temporary accounts.

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