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Guerilla Mail is a website that offers temporary mail services for its users. The mail service allows users to create an email id which can be disposed of later. The service ensures that user’s original email id will be safe and all spam mail would land on their temporary mail. The website provides a temporary mail id instantly by opening the webpage. Users would get allotted with a random email Id. They can delete this id any time by hitting the forget me button. Once, it get clicked, users would get an option to create a new id which they can set as per their preferences.

The website provides a help option as well which is available when user taps on the ‘wtf?’ button. It will show the tips of using each and every option available on the website. The website refreshes the inbox automatically after each 10 seconds so that users would never miss their incoming mail. The Guerilla mail deletes the id after 24 hours, so users can use it within a day. The website also offers a service of email with domains. That is available for businesses, users can set their domain for email Id. This service is available in subscription. So users would have to pay for this service on the website. The guerilla mail has its own android app as well. Users can download it using the link available on the website.
The guerilla mail is a useful website that users can use to register on untrusted website. The domain email can also be created here which would ensure to not get banned by any website.

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