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Maildrop is a platform to get temporary mails in one click. The email service lets the users to create a temporary email id with which they can do a lot. The email service doesn’t ask for any type of signup, so users would not need to register on it. The Maildrop email service is useful to save the original email id from getting flooded with the spams. The users can create a temporary mail id and use them anywhere where email has been asked. The users can signup on ecommerce site where one time purchase is to be made or can use the email id for any type of one time verification.


Maildrop is an easy to use website. The interface of the website is simple and understandable. Users get a box where they can type custom email address and go to the inbox. The users can receive messages but cannot send on this website. It doesn’t allow sending mails or email forwarding which is a drawback. The inbox can hold up to 10 messages. Also, if the inbox doesn’t receive mail in 24 hour, the inbox will get cleared automatically. The users cannot keep this temporary mail for long term. The temporary mail service also blocks spam mails. It has several filter with which it checks the incoming mails and block them if founds to be a spam.

Maildrop overall is a good site but only for short term. The site doesn’t keep the inbox private, anyone can access it.

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