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Mailinator is a disposable email service which lets everyone to use the temporary mails for a specific time and then the email will get deleted itself. The Mailinator email is useful if the person is too much consered about the security and privacy of his email id. The users can give this email id created on mailinator, on those websites which are not trusted and ask for subscriptions. Mailinator service will ensure the safety of original email id of users as spam will come on the disposable mails. Users would not need to use their original email id everywhere, they can simply enter the temporary email id.

Mailinator allots a random email id to users, or users may choose it themselves. The website interface is quite easy, and no one would get any problem in handling it. The users are just required to click on the box and type the email id they want or they may find a recommended email id just below that box. The website allows users to create unlumited temporary emails. Users can also set their own preferred domain names as email id. But for that they would have to subscribe the service. This service is paid one, so users would need to pay if they want to set their own domain.

The Mailinator service is overall a great website for getting temporary mails. The site deletes the mails in few hours. The biggest drawback of it is that anyone can read the mails as they would be public. However, subscription is available for maintaining privacy.

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