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Mailsac is a website where users are allowed to create a disposable email id. The website makes it easy for users to comment on any website or create account on any platform temporarily. The Mailsac website instantly lets the users to get a new temporary email id which they can use for the aforementioned purposes and even for more. The users can create the id by clicking on the given box on the homepage of the website. Users would have to just fill the username and the address would already appear in the next tab. Clicking on the check inbox a page would appear where inbox of that id will be present. Users would be able to check if that id is already in use or is new. Even if the id was used earlier users would be able to make it their private id using the button above the inbox. 

The users would also get another button just above the inbox whixh would allow the users to login to compose the email. The only drawback of this website is that the inboxes would be public and anyone can access them. However, this can also be solved by creating an account in the website and making the id private. The email ids would get expired within the weeks but if users want to use for the long term, logging in the website would help them to keep the ids for long. The mailsac website also lets the users to register and create emails for their own domains.

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