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Moakt is a website where users can create an email id which can be used for temporary purpose. The website is good for the users who want to create an email for limited time period. The users can use this email for making a temporary account on social media or for registering on any website that doesn’t look secure. The email address can also be used for one time verification on websites. Moakt is thus the best choice to do all these things. The website has an easy interface which lets the users use it comfortably without any problem.

The website lets the users to create a custom email id which they can create simply entering the preferred one in the given box. If user doesn’t want to create a custom mail, then they can simply click on the tab get random address, with this click a random email id will get allotted to the user. The users can refresh the inbox by using the refresh button provided on the page. Moakt has provided a time period of 1 hour for the validity of mail box. However, there is an option to extend the time if users want to keep the inbox for a longer period. It has a copy button on the page with which users can copy the email address easily and can use it wherever they need. Overall, the Moakt site is good site for temporary email ids as it also lets the user to extend the time.

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