Mohmal is a temporary email service where users can create multiple email ids for temporary use. Like others, This website also dispose off the mails after a certain period. The website is easy to use as has got a simple user interface which enabled everyone to use it without any hassle. The website got its name Mohmal, from the Arab meaning of the word Junk Mails. The website provides a random email id to the users which they can use for various purposes. The emails would be disposable therefore, these can be used for temporary purposes only.

Users would get a choice of creating a random email id or they may choose the name by clicking on the ‘choose’ button. Once clicked, users can write the username they want to use for the email id and click next. If not, created a custom email, the random button is also available with which users can click to get a random email id. After creating the email id it opens the inbox page where users would be able to receive the mails. The email id can be seen on the top of the page. Users can easily copy the email id by clicking on it and use it wherever they want. The renew button is also available which would let the users to renew the id before it expires. The Validity of the mails provided by Mohmal is 45 minutes which is a much shorter time than the validity provided by its competitors. The Mohmal website is good for creating the temporary mails, but as the validity is not long users can use it for a very short time.

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