Email Generator-

Email Generator is a website providing Temporary email services. The website lets the users to create the emails within seconds that can used for temporary purposes. The website is useful when users do not want to share their original email id on untrusted websites or for creating temporary accounts. At the time of one time verification, the service of this website is quite useful. Here users can create the email id as per their preference or may opt for the random email. The website also allows users to choose the domain they want to use for their email id. This option can be found by clicking the drop down on the email id field.

The website also allows the users to add their own domain for the email ids they want to create. This way, users would be able to use the email ids for the long purpose. The Email Generator website has a simple user interface which makes it easy to use this website. The copy button is also located on the right side of the email id, which lets the users to copy the id and use it for the verification or account creation, whichever they prefer.

Sound notifications can also be turned on when the users want to get notified. The website also have a feature of pop up notification which will open a pop up for the notifications. The users can refresh the mails using the refresh button and the website provides a validity of 54 days.


Mohmal is a temporary email service where users can create multiple email ids for temporary use. Like others, This website also dispose off the mails after a certain period. The website is easy to use as has got a simple user interface which enabled everyone to use it without any hassle. The website got its name Mohmal, from the Arab meaning of the word Junk Mails. The website provides a random email id to the users which they can use for various purposes. The emails would be disposable therefore, these can be used for temporary purposes only.

Users would get a choice of creating a random email id or they may choose the name by clicking on the ‘choose’ button. Once clicked, users can write the username they want to use for the email id and click next. If not, created a custom email, the random button is also available with which users can click to get a random email id. After creating the email id it opens the inbox page where users would be able to receive the mails. The email id can be seen on the top of the page. Users can easily copy the email id by clicking on it and use it wherever they want. The renew button is also available which would let the users to renew the id before it expires. The Validity of the mails provided by Mohmal is 45 minutes which is a much shorter time than the validity provided by its competitors. The Mohmal website is good for creating the temporary mails, but as the validity is not long users can use it for a very short time.


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Tempr is an online service for temporary mails. The service is known to be the oldest one which provides temporary mails. The website was developed in the year 2004. Since then it is continuously providing temporary mail service to the users. The website allows users to create temporary emails ids and use them anywhere they want to. These emails can be used to register on untrusted websites, or for subscribing newsletters on the websites. This way, users can keep their original emails safe from spam mails and unwanted newsletters. Users would not have to give original id everywhere, as they can create one on Tempr and use it temporarily. Thereby keeping original id for important communication.

Tempr allows users to create custom email id or they can just click on the settings icon given on the web page and the site will randomly allot an email id. It has many domains which can be used to create emails on the website. Also, the site updates new domains regularly. The service keeps the id valid up to 30 days. After 30 days, it will get deleted. The website also gives an option to the users to delete the mails manually. It has a spam protection as well, which helps the users in hiding unwanted mails.

The users can send emails, receive, forward and can save as EML files. It also allows the users to send and receive attachments. The Tempr mail service is a great option for the users to create a temporary mail which they want to keep a little longer.

Temp Inbox-

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Temp Inbox is a site which provides temporary mails to the users. Here users can easily create the temporary mails for various purposes. The email ids are always required to register on any site or comment on the blogs. But sharing them everywhere is not safe also this will fill the ids with spam mails. But to keep them sage Temp Inbox provides temporary email ids which can be used for a limited time for temporary purpose. The site gives the a limited time validity so this website cannnot be used for long term mail purpose. 

The Temp Inbox lets the users to create their custom email id they want to create. Like other websites, it doesn’t provide random email ids so users are required to create a custom email id to use the service further. Here on entering the mail address and checking the terms and conditions box users would be able to visit the inbox page. Here anybody can chcek the inbox which means the inboxes are public on this site. Anybody can read mails here on this website. Anonimity is maintained on this site but privacy issue would be a concern for the users. The website has not mentioned any validity time on it which means it can delete mails anytime. Users can thus use it only for one time purpose. It also doesn’t provide the facility to send mails or forward them.

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GetInboxes is a temporary website which will let you create a temporary email. Now for those who do not know what is it, temporary emails are those emails which we need for some time but is not good enough for important things as they will not be with you forever. They come with an expiry date which will be expired in 7 days. By the time you will register their service, they will be giving you a temporary email address which can be used to the untrusted websites. Through this way, the site will be able to send the spam messages to your temporary email address whereas your real email adress will be safe. It is really important for your real email address to stay safe because if these spam messages will come to your inbox, it will keep your important messages out.

It is not recommended for people to use this email for your banking or other important things as it will become an issue for you as you can not use this email for longer period of time and hence, when you will be asked to reset your password of your any other important thing such as banking or related to finance, you will not be able to do it. But the service is trustworthy which will not share your personal information with anyone else and will keep it secured and secret. Anyone can use this service. For this, you need to visit the site and click on the link given.

Drop Mail-

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Drop Mail Temporary mail service is a great option for users to create temporary mails and keep their original id safe. The email service allows users to create unlimited email ids at a time. They can add as many they want to. The temporary mail service provides the unlimited validity of emails as well. Users can access these emails as long as the page is open in their browsers. The email ids created on this temporary mail service would be unlimited only if the page is not refreshes or closed.

Drop Mail service allows users to forward the emails to the original email Id they have. The email service thus helps them to keep the important messages safe by forwarding them to other email id. The mail service also allows users to send the attachments to other email ids. The service can be very useful for the users who want to register themselves on untrusted websites or want to comments in a forum. The website randomly finds an email id and allots it to users. To create another email, an option has been provided on the website. The users can also click on the restore access option to get their email id back.

Drop Mail service is a useful website specially to keep the original email id safe from the spam mails. The interface is also easy, so users would not get any problem in accessing this site.

Trash Mail-

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Trash mail is a temporary mail service website where users can create mail ids for temporary use. These mail ids can be used to keep the original email id safe from spam. It can be helpful in creating temporary accounts on social media or for registration on websites or forum. Trash mail provides a random email id as the page opens. Users can copy it to the clipboard and use it anywhere they want. Although, it is temporary mail service, but differ from all other services available on internet. What makes it different from all is its feature of mail forwarding. The website allows users to forward the emails to their original email ids. This way, if any important mail comes can be saved for future in the primary email.

Trash Mail has free and paid access available for users. The free access allows users to make 25 temporary mails and the forwarding of mail would be limited. In the paid version of this website users would be able to make temporary mails upto 5000 mails, and the forwarding of the emails would be unlimited. It has upto 16 domains for creating temporary mails. The Trash mail service has another benefit as well that the mail address doesn’t get expired like other temporary mails. It gives users a valid time of 365 days, and when it gets expired a notification would be sent to the users. This email service is better than other temporary email services as it gives much more options than other websites.

Throw Away

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Throw Away Mail is a website that provides temporary mails to users. These mails are valid for short term and can be used in verifying any registration, commenting on any website or for registering on any untrusted website. This way users can keep their original id safe, as all the spam mails they used to get would now come in this temporary mail.

As the name suggests the temporary emails are not usable in long run. Hence, can be used for one time purpose only. The Throw Away mail provides the email ids which are valid till 48 hours only, and would get disposed off after 48 hours. However, if the user wants to keep the email id for long, he may do so by visiting again on the website within 48 hours. The email id will get valid for next 48 hours. The only condition is that the user should not clear their cookies, otherwise the mail would not be recoverable.

Throw Away Mail is an easy to website which has a user friendly interface. The website shows a link, on clicking which users can create an email id. The website would ask users to verify that they are human. After verification, they would get a random mail id which they can use anywhere for temporary use. The mail has a refresh button as well which can be clicked if user wants to refresh inbox. Another option on the website is a copy button, which lets users to copy the email id and use it. This website is good and safe to use and helpful in keeping away the original id from spams.


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Mailinator is a disposable email service which lets everyone to use the temporary mails for a specific time and then the email will get deleted itself. The Mailinator email is useful if the person is too much consered about the security and privacy of his email id. The users can give this email id created on mailinator, on those websites which are not trusted and ask for subscriptions. Mailinator service will ensure the safety of original email id of users as spam will come on the disposable mails. Users would not need to use their original email id everywhere, they can simply enter the temporary email id.

Mailinator allots a random email id to users, or users may choose it themselves. The website interface is quite easy, and no one would get any problem in handling it. The users are just required to click on the box and type the email id they want or they may find a recommended email id just below that box. The website allows users to create unlumited temporary emails. Users can also set their own preferred domain names as email id. But for that they would have to subscribe the service. This service is paid one, so users would need to pay if they want to set their own domain.

The Mailinator service is overall a great website for getting temporary mails. The site deletes the mails in few hours. The biggest drawback of it is that anyone can read the mails as they would be public. However, subscription is available for maintaining privacy.

Guerrilla Mail-

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Guerilla Mail is a website that offers temporary mail services for its users. The mail service allows users to create an email id which can be disposed of later. The service ensures that user’s original email id will be safe and all spam mail would land on their temporary mail. The website provides a temporary mail id instantly by opening the webpage. Users would get allotted with a random email Id. They can delete this id any time by hitting the forget me button. Once, it get clicked, users would get an option to create a new id which they can set as per their preferences.

The website provides a help option as well which is available when user taps on the ‘wtf?’ button. It will show the tips of using each and every option available on the website. The website refreshes the inbox automatically after each 10 seconds so that users would never miss their incoming mail. The Guerilla mail deletes the id after 24 hours, so users can use it within a day. The website also offers a service of email with domains. That is available for businesses, users can set their domain for email Id. This service is available in subscription. So users would have to pay for this service on the website. The guerilla mail has its own android app as well. Users can download it using the link available on the website.
The guerilla mail is a useful website that users can use to register on untrusted website. The domain email can also be created here which would ensure to not get banned by any website.