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Nada is a temporary mail service which helps users in getting a temporary mail which can be disposed of any time. The service is usable on the website itself no other app is required. Users can use Nada to comment on any specific website which seems unsafe or for any type of verification. This way it helps users to keep their inbox safe from spam mails. As all such emails would directly land on the disposable emails. The Nada temporary email service is free to use, that’s why, anyone can use this service.

The Nada service provides you an email id instantly as the user goes on its website. The email id can be seen on the right side toolbar and on the top of the screen. Users can copy the mail id by clicking on the copy button provided with the mail id on top. It will get copied to their clipboard after which they can use it anywhere they want. The users can add more ids as many they want to add. and all inboxes will be shown on the same page. They can switch them by just clicking on the desired email id. The website also allows users to create a custom email id otherwise they would get random ids.

The website deletes the inbox after seven days. So, till seven days users can use their inbox in the computer on which it was originally created. Overall, Nada is a great tool to get the disposable email for temporary use.

Email On Deck-

Email on deck is a website which helps in getting the disposable email id. This email id can be disposed of after its one or two use. This website is easy to use. The interface of this website is too simple and anyone would be able to use it without any problem. The website gives you the service of disposable email ids. Here to create an email id is not a hassle. Users would just need to check the captcha box to prove that you are a human and not a robot. After checking the given box, user would be able to click on the button of get email. With this option site would provide the user a random disposable email id. 

The company allows you to retain the email id as long as you keep your browser open. This means, once you close the browser or the tab of the website, your email would get disposed automatically. your browser will lose the cookies and cache of the inbox and you would not be able to get it back. However, the Email on Deck has an option of recovering the email on the site itself. Although, it is not that easy. Users would be able to recover the email id only if they have the valid email token. With this email token, recovering the email is possible.

Email on Deck is a great website as the service is usable when users need to verify or comment on any site. This secures the privacy of the users.

My Temp Email-

My Temp Email

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Often when visiting a website, it asks for emails in pop ups or for commenting on any post. It gets disturbing specially if you are reluctant to share your email address. Sharing your original email addresses on such places may fill your email account from unnecessary spam marketing mails. For such situations, there are many temporary mail services. One if them is My temp mail. This temporary mail service allows you to create a temporary mail which you can use to comment on websites, or for any one time verification. This email inbox would be disposable which will get erased after 24 hours of your last visit.

The users would need to visit the page frequently if they want to save the mail Id, otherwise you will lose the email id after 24 hours and the mails received on it. There is an option to copy the URL with which you can copy and save the inbox link. The email id you get here is a combination of dome letters and numbers, which might be difficult for you to remember. To ease that, My Temp mail provides email id written on the top of the page. With this you can just copy and use the email id. My Temp mail automatically refreshes the mail, so you would not have to do it manually. The email service is safe to use and can provide you a new temporary email id in a second. Just tap on new mail, and you would get a random email id.  The My temp mail website is a good and reliable temporary mail service which you can use to create temporary accounts, commenting or any type of verification.