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SharkLasers is a website where users can create an email id which can be used for the temporary purpose. The mail would not last long as the purpose of this website to provide the temporary mails to the users which they can use for one time purpose specially. The temporary mail is useful when users want to register on some sites but they don’t have trust on such sites. They can provide this created temporary mail id and register on such sites. Even if users want to create a temporary account on any platform the mail id would be helpful.

SharkLasers helps the users to keep their original mail id safe from spams. The users can get a random email id here when open the website. The email id would be a combination of numbers and letters so that no one can easily remember that. The website also offers the users to create the custom email id. The email service also lets the users to add an alias address to the email id which will protect the users email id from getting easily guessed by someone. The SharkLasers email service gives a validity of 1 hour for messages, after which the messages of the inbox gets deleted automatically. The site doesn’t offer private email. Anyone can open the inbox if know the address. The SharkLasers is a good site to make temporary mails but can be used one time only. Also it lets the users to reply mails.

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