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Temp Inbox is a site which provides temporary mails to the users. Here users can easily create the temporary mails for various purposes. The email ids are always required to register on any site or comment on the blogs. But sharing them everywhere is not safe also this will fill the ids with spam mails. But to keep them sage Temp Inbox provides temporary email ids which can be used for a limited time for temporary purpose. The site gives the a limited time validity so this website cannnot be used for long term mail purpose. 

The Temp Inbox lets the users to create their custom email id they want to create. Like other websites, it doesn’t provide random email ids so users are required to create a custom email id to use the service further. Here on entering the mail address and checking the terms and conditions box users would be able to visit the inbox page. Here anybody can chcek the inbox which means the inboxes are public on this site. Anybody can read mails here on this website. Anonimity is maintained on this site but privacy issue would be a concern for the users. The website has not mentioned any validity time on it which means it can delete mails anytime. Users can thus use it only for one time purpose. It also doesn’t provide the facility to send mails or forward them.

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