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Temp Mail address is a website that is useful when making temporary accounts or want to keep the mails safe from spam. The website is a great way to create temporary mails what we call disposable mails. These mails doesn’t lasts forever and it get deleted after a certain time. Temp Mail Address provides the validity of mails for up to 60 minutes, that means after 60 minutes the email id will get disposed off automatically. After this users wouldn’t be able to recover the id. This is also a disadvantage if someone wants to keep mails for little longer time. However, the feature protects the privacy and anonymity of the users.

Temp Mail address allows the users to create the email ids in one go. Users would get the email id once they open the website. The id would be randomly provided. Users can edit the email id if they want to use the custom email id. Users can use this email id when they want to keep their original id safe from spams. Also if they want to register or verify on some website for temporary purpose, this website would be useful. The users can easily copy the id by just clicking on the copy button given on the screen and use it anywhere they want to. The user interface of the website is easy to use and simple. The website is of great use if user wants to create email ids for few minutes.

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