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Temp Mail is a secure, reliable and a blazing fast website to grab a throwaway email address. Temp Mail gives such an email for a specific time, and then you can discard the email. Using Temporary mail can be great when you want to access a member-only forum, read an article, create a temporary Facebook or Instagram account, or even for simple verification.

If you sketchy looking site or person asks for your email, what do you do? You don’t give away your private email. You visit Temp Mail and generate a throwaway email address for free.

The best part of Temp Mail is that it automatically generates a temporary email that looks legit. It’s not a combination of random letters and numbers. The intention is not to get flagged as a spammer’s ID and still look legit. Temp Mail will help you keep the spam and bots out of your temporary mailbox.

The most important highlight of Temp Mail is that it is free to use and still has a transparent policy. The interface of the website is quite clean and straightforward. You can click on the change button on the left-hand side to change the username and set the one you prefer. That adds a personal touch the throwaway email address. You also get a drop-down menu to choose your desired domain name. Pick one and hit save.

The Temp Mail website automatically refreshes to fetch any new mail for you. That way you can easily carry on any conversation, registration, or activation of service without worrying about anything. Also, there is no timer on it. You can use it as long as you keep the tab open.

Your temporary email address is always visible at the top in bold so that can quickly write it down or share it. Since a lot of folks would like to use it for activation and registration purposes, the Copy button with a clipboard icon comes in handy.

Finally, there is a Delete button for you to purge the address you are using and move to a new one. Once you delete an address, all the emails and data is wiped out. You can’t recover it even if you recreate the same email address.

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