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Tempail is a website where users can create a temporary email id. The users can use this website for different purposes. When they want to comment on ay site they don’t trust much, or want to register in any such site, Tempail can be used. Even the website is useful when users want to create temporary social media accounts. The website would receive all such marketing and verification mails and will show you in the inbox. This email id would be temporary and can be disposed off after 1 hour. 

The Tempail website provides a random email address to the users. The website updates the inbox in every 10 seconds so that users would not miss any incoming emails. The users can refresh the inbox by clicking on the refresh tab placed on the right side bar. The users can also use the QR code tab to scan the code and access the inbox later. The mails are kept private and would not be open to public. Hence, special care has been taken to keep the privacy of the users. users can copy the mail id easily using the first copy tab given on the side bar. The users can also delete the the inbox whenever they want or otherwise the website would automatically dispose the mails after 1 hour. Tempail is a great site and has an easy interface providing ease of use to the users. This website can be used on the web browser of computers and mobiles easily.

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