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TempM is a great way to keep the original email id safe from the spam emails. Whenever user visits any new website they often ask to signup their newsletter or to login using email id to comment on their posts. In such cases, users always hesitate to provide original email id there. The TempM helps in such cases. Users can here create a temporary email id which would be really useful in these situations. This temporary email id will get disposed off after its validity. TempM provides 111 days validity of emails. So if users want to keep the mails for long, they may use this temporary mail service.

Users can get their email id as soon as they open the website. They can create a custom email Id by typing the preferred one in the given box. The website also allows users to choose a preferred domain name. There would be no need to refresh the page again and again. The users can receive the mails in this email inbox but they wouldn’t be able to send the emails. TempM email id doesn’t have any option to send mails. Copying the email id is easy as the website gives you a copy button on the page itself. The website has another drawback that it does not provide privacy to the users. All the inboxes are public here which means anyone can access them on the website. 

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