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Tempr is an online service for temporary mails. The service is known to be the oldest one which provides temporary mails. The website was developed in the year 2004. Since then it is continuously providing temporary mail service to the users. The website allows users to create temporary emails ids and use them anywhere they want to. These emails can be used to register on untrusted websites, or for subscribing newsletters on the websites. This way, users can keep their original emails safe from spam mails and unwanted newsletters. Users would not have to give original id everywhere, as they can create one on Tempr and use it temporarily. Thereby keeping original id for important communication.

Tempr allows users to create custom email id or they can just click on the settings icon given on the web page and the site will randomly allot an email id. It has many domains which can be used to create emails on the website. Also, the site updates new domains regularly. The service keeps the id valid up to 30 days. After 30 days, it will get deleted. The website also gives an option to the users to delete the mails manually. It has a spam protection as well, which helps the users in hiding unwanted mails.

The users can send emails, receive, forward and can save as EML files. It also allows the users to send and receive attachments. The Tempr mail service is a great option for the users to create a temporary mail which they want to keep a little longer.

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