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Throw Away Mail is a website that provides temporary mails to users. These mails are valid for short term and can be used in verifying any registration, commenting on any website or for registering on any untrusted website. This way users can keep their original id safe, as all the spam mails they used to get would now come in this temporary mail.

As the name suggests the temporary emails are not usable in long run. Hence, can be used for one time purpose only. The Throw Away mail provides the email ids which are valid till 48 hours only, and would get disposed off after 48 hours. However, if the user wants to keep the email id for long, he may do so by visiting again on the website within 48 hours. The email id will get valid for next 48 hours. The only condition is that the user should not clear their cookies, otherwise the mail would not be recoverable.

Throw Away Mail is an easy to website which has a user friendly interface. The website shows a link, on clicking which users can create an email id. The website would ask users to verify that they are human. After verification, they would get a random mail id which they can use anywhere for temporary use. The mail has a refresh button as well which can be clicked if user wants to refresh inbox. Another option on the website is a copy button, which lets users to copy the email id and use it. This website is good and safe to use and helpful in keeping away the original id from spams.

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