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Trash mail is a temporary mail service website where users can create mail ids for temporary use. These mail ids can be used to keep the original email id safe from spam. It can be helpful in creating temporary accounts on social media or for registration on websites or forum. Trash mail provides a random email id as the page opens. Users can copy it to the clipboard and use it anywhere they want. Although, it is temporary mail service, but differ from all other services available on internet. What makes it different from all is its feature of mail forwarding. The website allows users to forward the emails to their original email ids. This way, if any important mail comes can be saved for future in the primary email.

Trash Mail has free and paid access available for users. The free access allows users to make 25 temporary mails and the forwarding of mail would be limited. In the paid version of this website users would be able to make temporary mails upto 5000 mails, and the forwarding of the emails would be unlimited. It has upto 16 domains for creating temporary mails. The Trash mail service has another benefit as well that the mail address doesn’t get expired like other temporary mails. It gives users a valid time of 365 days, and when it gets expired a notification would be sent to the users. This email service is better than other temporary email services as it gives much more options than other websites.

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